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Thread: Pulpit smashed into - how to repair?

Created on: 12/19/17 06:43 AM

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Pulpit smashed into - how to repair?
12/19/17 6:43 AM

I have kept Swante in Marina de Lagos for the last 12 months, and on my return this week, I noticed that the fenders on the port side were in the water, due to slack in the wire. It took me a while to find the cause of the problem: during my absence, probably some time in April, someone has smashed into the port side of the pulpit, causing it to be pushed back some 50 to 80 mm, see the enclosed picks. I am lifting Swante next week, and will keep her on the hard until September, so I have ample time for the repair. There are several options; keep it as is and just shorten the wires is one. Try to introduce enough force to pull it back into position is another. Also, taking it off and repairing could be done. Finally, asking Nautor to make me a new one is also a possibility. Any suggestions from this forum will be greatly appreciated?
Any idea?

Please help.
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RE: Pulpit smashed into - how to repair?
01/09/18 4:18 AM

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