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January 04, 2011

SWAN TALES Vol #1 January 2011

The New Years starts the new term for the SOA Board. This month Past President Bob Schribner handed over the helm of the SOA to Hank Schmitt (Avocation) and new board members Steve DeVoe (Devocean) and David Fraizer (Clover III). Most of you know Steve from past Swan events and as one of the owners of Jamestown Boat Yard. Both Hank and David are very active in the Caribbean Racing circuit and have participated in most of not all of the past several years of Swan Events. All three have attended the Swan Worlds in Sardinia, Newport Bermuda Races, and several Caribbean Rendezvous and Swan American Regattas in New England. Steve, along with Clem Napolitano, were the committee boat for the Caribbean Rendezvous last year and again this year. They also organized the offseason mini-Swan Rendezvous last summer in Newport. We consider every Swan Owner a member in the Swan Owners Group. All North American Swan Owners are invited to subscribe to Swan Tales for free. We would like to collect the e-mail addresses and confirm mailing addresses for all Swan Owners so they can get the next issue of Swan Tales. Ask other Swan owners you know if they got the 1st Issue of Swan Tales and if they know about the summer Rendezvous. If they did not, please ask them to contact us or send us their contact information yourself. We also will be mailing formal invitations in the spring to this years Swan American Regatta. Dues remain the same, $50 per year paid every two-years ($100), but if you do not remember to pay you will still get the newsletter and access to all Swan discounts and invitations to all Swan events*. Swan Club Caribbean Rendezvous Club Swan Bitter End BVI  If you are fortunate enough to have your boat in the Caribbean you most likely know the dates for the annual Club Swan Caribbean Rendezvous in the BVIs from March 14th to 19th. Do plan to attend. If you have not already signed up you can contact Keith Yeoman at the Newport Brokerage office at 401- 846-1090. (If you need to charter a boat Keith can help) Keith and family are the lead organizers once again this year. All three board members will be sailing and Steve and Clem will be our race officers. I have attended the last five years and always enjoy participating in an event I do not have to do anything but enjoy myself and once again hand out the Best Maintained Swan Award on behalf of the SOA. Caribbean Regattas - If you plan to be racing in any of the Caribbean events this winter please make a point to say hi to other Swan owners and introduce yourselves on the docks or at a party. Both board President Hank Schmitt and new board member David Fraizer are planning a big Caribbean season. David is sailing in the Pineapple Cup to start the season and then both Clover and Avocation will be sailing the Heineken Regatta and Antigua Sailing Week. We plan to have regatta updates on how well Swans do at regattas this winter in future Swan Tales issues. Swan Summer Rendezvous July 2011  Bring your golf clubs and fishing reels, but leave your horses at home. This years summer regatta starts from a new port, (Note new port, not Newport). Boats will rendezvous at Montauk Yacht Club on the Eastern tip of Long Island. We will be mailing invitation out this spring, but we want you to start thinking summer activities and have you thinking about inviting family and friends to join us this summer. Wednesday July 27th  Opening reception at Montauk Yacht Club Evening Thursday July 28th  Early Morning Deep Sea Fishing Tournament. Mid Day Golf Tournament, Horseback riding, kayaking, swimming. Montauk Yacht Club Friday Am  Race to Block Island Dinner Friday Night Dinner at the Spring House. Saturday  Race to Newport Dinner in Newport (TBA) Sunday- Race around the island  Final Awards Party Sunday after the race. Regatta goals  While not neglecting the race/sailing attributes of our pedigree with a full three days of racing to ensure relevance to our being, we want to offer an enticing selection of other activities to encourage family members and friends to join us for the event. Montauk Yacht Club is now an IGY property and they offer everything from spa services, complimentary van service, free bicycles and kayaking along with two pools. We have dockside access to deep sea fishing boats, a short drive to the Montauk Downs golf course and horse back riding nearby. We expect boats to be able to arrive anytime on Wednesday before the opening reception that evening. They are offering us some discounts and we are working on a special rate for owners that wish to or need to bring their boats the weekend before. Anyone needing help getting their boat to or from the regatta can make use of the free crew networking services of OPO (Offshore Passage Opportunities) to get help sailing your boat to Montauk or home after the event in Newport. Just let us know this summer and we will have volunteer crew help get your boat to Montauk. Another goal is to offer you great value for the regatta with sponsors to make this biennial event great, but at an attractive price. Although Invitations will not be going out until the early spring, we would like to start a preliminary list of boat owners planning to attend. At our last event we had 26 boats. With a new start and traditional finish in Newport, we hope to have an even bigger rendezvous this year. SOA Web site  We plan to add new content to the web site this winter and strive to continue to add new material. Any Swan owner is welcome to send us material for inclusion and any suggestions you make will be appreciated. Regards, Hank Schmitt SOA *You will be charged $100 extra as part of the entry fee for the 1st SOA event you attend every two years. If you have not paid your dues yet for 2011/2012 you can send your annual dues to Treasurer Steve DeVoe at Jamestown Boat Yard PO Box 347, Jamestown RI 02835. Preliminary RSVP for the Summer Swan Rendezvous July 27th to July 31st to Hank Schmitt offshorepassage@sprintmail.com Or Steve DeVoe at Stephen@jby.com

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