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April 29, 2011

SWAN TALES Vol #4 April 2011

Migration Time for some. Others will be getting their boats in the water soon. I am flying down next week for Antigua Sailing Week and then the sail north. I know David Fraizer is already aboard Clover III in the Caribbean. See you soon David. We are planning to see others in Bermuda, Laughing Lady, Patriot, Boonatsa? In fact next months May 15th Swan Tales will be sent to you from Bermuda. Marion Bermuda Race Year Avocation will also be sailing to Bermuda in June at the same time as the Marion Bermuda Race. Tania Aebi skippers the boat down and I will sail her back this June. I am not sure how many Swans are doing the Race this year. I think I saw fifty-three boats entered so far. Remember in 2009, the Swan 44 Crescendo owned at the time by Martin Jacobson, won overall racing in the Celestial Division. How crazy is that? Great Job Crescendo. If you are in Bermuda at the end of June, look for us. SOA American Swan Regatta Invitations for the American Swan Regatta will be mailed out next week. After you get the invitation you can go to the www.swanowners.com web site and sign up for the event. The password to sign in is, swan . If you do not get a written invitation soon, you will still be able to sign up online. I will send out a reminder in two weeks. The SOA American Swan Regatta is the main event in our Bi-annual Calendar Year. Early polling suggests that we are going to have a great turnout. All Swan Owners are invited and we have waived annual dues for the year 2011. Every Swan Owner is a member in the Swan Owners Association. All we need is your e-mail address. Please ask other Swan Owners if they are getting the Swan Tales newsletter. If not please ask them to contact us or you can send us their e-mail address and we will add them to the active list. We will also send them an invitation to join us this summer. The newsletter allows us to tell you more about the American Swan Regatta. We tried to keep the Sign up Sheet as short as possible to make it easy for everyone to get an A in filling it out. However there are 4 dinners, and two options (Golf & Fishing) that need prior planning to run smoothly. At check in on Wednesday we will have a laminated schedule. You will have a choice of places to dine that night. We will make reservations at several restaurants in town. The club has van service to local restaurants. Montauk is famous for Shark Fishing. Fish caught Thursday, can be served that night at our dinner. On Thursday we will also hold the first ever Golf Tournament in the history of SOA American Regatta. Interested golfers will need to sign up online. Steak or Lobster at the Spring House on Block? We need to know which. The Montauk Yacht Club is giving us a one dollar a foot discount on dockage, waiving the site fee and the fifteen dollar per day resort fee for our group. They are also offering rooms for $399 down from $499 for Wednesday and Thursday. Since I am having grown children with children onboard, I am getting a room in Montauk. You can call the toll free number (888 692-8668) to reserve a room. Ask for the group rate for the American Swan Regatta Room Block for the discount. In short, with a little planning and effort in filling out the entry forms online, we can organize a very nice SOA American Swan Regatta. We have invited foreign flagged Swan Owners visiting the USA to join us and we expect representation from Club Swan Europe. Since 2009, the Regatta has become a more relaxed family affair, to be enjoyed by all ages and temperament. New this year, we start the Regatta with a Lay Day at Montauk Yacht Club. You can start as early as 4:00 am with a 50 to 100 mile ride to the Tuna & Shark Fishing Grounds made famous by JAWS (The book was based on a Captain out of Montauk named Frank Mungus). Or sign up for our 1st ever SOA Golf Tournament at Montauk Downs. There are three pools at the Club, four tennis courts, and a Spa. Nearby they offer horseback riding, surfing, and lighthouse tours. Did I mention complimentary van and car service? For some things you have to sign up early, for others you can sign up at the Swan Regatta Registration on Wednesday July 27th. Sign up online at www.swanowners.com We will make reservations for several tables at Restaurants throughout the Montauk Area for 8:00tish pm. At registration from 5 to 7 pm, you can let us know which restaurant you want to go to and we will have car service to get you there and pick you up. You can also eat at the club or dine aboard that night If there are enough children we will organize a day for them on the club grounds and help teenagers with surfing or local fishing options for less than $50. If you are thinking about asking family and friends with children to join you, there are room options in Montauk, and on Block. If you are expecting children we would like to know how many and what ages and make sure we get their names. There is a child rate of only $125 for the 5 day event. Race Day starts on Friday with a race over to Block Island. One thing that is great about our itinerary this summer is that we do not have to bring dinghies along. We do not have to worry about towing them behind while we race. We will be dockside in Montauk and there is launch service in Block Island and Jamestown or Newport. Race and Rendezvous Committee veterans Clem Napolitano and SOA Board member Steve DeVoe will be the Race Committee & run the Committee Boat. They do a great job in the Caribbean and are very entertaining striking a nice balance between competency and hilarity. We will have a Race Committee & Boat we can be proud of. We will run three races in the five day event. Wednesday is travel day to Montauk Yacht Club with the opening reception that late afternoon. If you would like bring your boat to Montauk the weekend before you can call the marina for early arrival information. In fact this is the fine print. The first two boats that request to arrive the Sunday afternoon before, will pay for Sunday night, but get Monday and Tuesday for free and then pay the discounted rate on Wednesday and Thursday. There is a small airport in Montauk, train Service from Manhattan and you can ferry from Block Island. In Block Island the easy plan A is to anchor in the Great Salt Pond for Friday night. There are also town moorings that you can pick up for $35 if you get there early enough and you have a smaller boat. We will be including two phone numbers for dockage in Block Island if you wish to make reservations. If you have not been to Block Island before I will be happy to answer questions. There is launch service from your own anchored boat to shore. We will have drinks and dinner at Spring House on Block Island. It is a short taxi ride from the docks and every local cab driver will know how to get you there. Note on the sign- up sheet we ask if you want a Nice Big 16 oz Steak or the Lobster/Clam Bake (There is also a childrens menu option). I have always thought it is silly to try and pick what you want to eat weeks ahead of time. Who knows what one will feel like having that day? But, to help try and keep the chef happy we will try and accommodate them by giving them numbers three weeks before. Saturday we race to Newport and gather at Clingstone, the venerable house on the rock between Newport and Jamestown Boat Yard. We will serve New England Chowder and have plenty of hamburgers and hot dogs. You are welcome and encouraged to bring anything you want to add to the fire or the party. After Sundays Around the Island race we will gather at Jamestown Boat Yard for the final party and Awards Dinner. We look forward to hearing from you. If your boat is not on the East Coast or you have trouble making the dates work, please feel free to contact us about chartering a boat through Swan Newport, join a boat looking for crew, or plan to get a room in Montauk and Block and join us. You can always find a boat for the races. Foreign flagged boat owners not familiar with the area are encouraged to contact us for local information or to get crew to help make it to the regatta. In fact any Swan owner needing help getting the boat to and from their homeport are welcome to contact us to get free crew that will pay their own way to and from the boat. Regards, Hank Schmitt SOA

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