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November 20, 2013

Swan Tales Vol. 2 No. 1

New Board Members & Officers Elections Long Time President and Board Member Hank Schmidt stepped down from his duties. Seems the needs of his growing business (Offshore Passage Opportunities) and perhaps more importantly, the needs of his growing number of grandchildren, required more of his attention. I know for myself and my wife, we would not have been active or even members of SOA if it weren't for Hank and Kathy.

They invited us to participate at every opportunity and always made us feel inclusive to all activities. I want to thank Hank and Kathy for their tireless endeavors in making the SOA an active association for all Swan owners. Their time and presence will be missed. Prior to stepping down, Hank invited me to join the board of SOA. We were one board member short and Hank felt someone representing the Mid-Atlantic region would be good. Needless to say, I remembered my early training which started with "Never volunteer." But, after some inducement, I agreed to join the board. My wife, Kristin and I own the 1991 Swan 53, "Nai'a." We bought her in 2000 and have sailed extensively between the Caribbean and Eastern Seaboard since that time. We have logged over 66,000 miles on her since our purchase and are still going strong. We "commute cruise", which means we still work our full time jobs and during time off, cruise our Swan. After joining the board and with Hanks departure, we would still end up one member short.

So, following an extensive search, vetting a number of people, along with the usual security and background checks, and most importantly...running out of volunteers, we found Jack Desmond. Jack and Tommie own a Swan 48 named Affinity and are from the Marion, MA area. They both race and cruise their Swan extensively and are just finished with an extensive refit of their beautiful boat. So, our new board is complete and here are the results of the election of officers: President - Bob Beltrano Vice President  Jack Desmond Treasurer  Steve DeVoe Media and Event Coordinator - Adeline Pfaff We are all open to direct contact with any questions, ideas or offers of help! American Swan Regatta The Swan Owners Association in conjunction with Club Swan held its biennial American Swan Regatta from July 25 to July 28, 2013.

The regatta kicked off with a reception and registration aboard the Nantucket Light Ship which has been converted into a well detailed charter yacht. Over ninety-owners and crew introduced themselves to each other and started three fun filled days of racing and socializing. With Swans ranging from Nautor's original and beautifully restored Sparkman and Stephens Swan 36 Estrella Del Sur to the equally impressive Swan 77 Cygnus Montanus, in all, six different models were represented. All raced in either the racing or cruising class dealing with winds which ranged from over 25 knots the first day to 2 knots on the final day.

Thankfully the reliable Newport southerly filled in quickly and we were able to hold the awards ceremony on Clingstone, the house on the rocks in Newport Harbor, on time. Daily awards were presented to the first three finishers in each class and Swan denoted two overall awards; - The Highland Fling award for the best overall performance went to Todd Stuart and the crew of White Rhino with three firsts. - And the Club Swan award for the yacht displaying the true Spirit of Swan to John and Carolyn Wayt who sailed the entire regatta doubled handed. by Steve DeVoe UPCOMING EVENTS  2014 SWAN CARIBBEAN RALLY Mark the Dates - March 17-22, 2014 Bitter End Yacht Club, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. We are booked and plans are underway for the 2014 SOA event in the BVI's! This event will be a little bit of racing and a little bit of Rendezvous. We will spend more time in the Bitter End venue than in the past. And, we are planning more activities among the boats...sort of a let's get to know everybody type of event.

Here's the schedule: Monday, March 17th - Check in. Evening Welcome dinner Tuesday, March 18th - Race around the Dogs, Back to Bitter End, Eve Cocktail party Wednesday, March 19th - Race to Norman Island. Evening dinner party Thursday, March 20th - Race to Bitter End - Pool side Cocktail party Friday, March 21st - layday, Open boat, Potluck Dock party with Rum bar. Saturday, March 22nd - Race around Virgin Gorda, Dinner/ awards party. That's the schedule. We have some racing. We have some cruising in the same general direction. We have cocktails planned EVERY night. We will be sending more information as it comes available.

We hope to give you a list of sponsors soon as we look to confirm involvement. Let us know if you have someone who would like to sponsor part of our event. They would be exposed to Swan Owners and their friends and family. Needless to say, we are a high maintenance group! So put the word out those of you who are Caribbean bound! This is always a good time! A great chance to meet other Swan Owners, Crews; find out what's going on, where and how to get your boat fixed in the strangest places. Those of you NOT sailing to the Caribbean and still want to attend, LET us know! We will put the word out to other boaters attending and see who has room. We will find you a RIDE! At the very least...it's worth the T-shirt! NEW BUSINESS We are looking for INPUT from YOU the membership. What do you want SOA to participate or change? We are looking for some of our European/ Asia/ Australian members to take part. We are looking for members from the West coast to provide a few paragraphs about Swan activities or Races there. We are looking for European Members to also report to our membership about activities, races there that are not always CLUBSWAN sponsored. In short, we want ALL of YOU to be in contact with each other. We should have a strong network of Owners that can, at the very least, provide each other with information about location services or activities that they recommend. If we have enough interest, we can start a SOA forum for input to be shared with each other.

Right now, we have a FACEBOOK page where everyone can post pictures or ask questions, or make comments. Please - No politics...No Religion...OR Oyster Owner Bashing! They have feelings too. Really, they do, I've heard! So, Let US hear from YOU. This SOA is for all of us to help EACH other. With Activities, Events, Information and Friendships. Who is going south? Need Crew? Let us know your plans. You never know who is going the same way at the same time. Thanks for reading this far. Thanks for being members of the SOA. Check us out on Facebook and our Web site. We will keep you informed. Cheers, Bob Beltrano Swan 53/043 Naia Naia43@aol.com (702)498-1012

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