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January 30, 2014


Greetings fellow members and Swan Owners of the world.

Welcome to the first edition of the 2014 Swan Tales, the news, views and opinions of people who like, own and sail on Swans.

We hope all of you survived the holidays and the annual Fall/winter migration to warm places.  I know we are enjoying our winter home in the British Virgin Islands where, for the most part, we can escape the dregs of winter. 

As I write this, i'm looking at a 250 millibar chart showing the northern Jet over North America taking a Dive straight SOUTH from the northern climes of Canada. Checking temperatures...I see Barrow Alaska, at 29F, Thule, Greenland, 19F, the North Pole at 22F and Chicago....at -2F!!!  I'm seeing Gale winds in England, snow in central and Southern Europe forecast for tomorrow!  Whatever you believe in...I've never seen the Polar Jet turn into a Polar Vortex in my lifetime of watching such things.  

Suffice to say, It's a damn cold winter.   I'm SO glad we don't spend our winter in North America
And, I'm so grateful that the Swan Owners Association is running a Rally this March in The Virgin Islands!

That's right!  Our plans are complete.  Entries are filing in.  Slips are being booked, sponsors have lined up and we are ready to roll on our 11 edition of the Caribbean Swan Rally!   

If you missed the earlier announcements or mailings, we are planning our annual Rally (formerly known as a Rendezvous) for March 17-22 at the Bitter End Yacht Club, Virgin Gorda.  It's a six day event with 4 days of FUN racing, 6 days of food and drink and a week of R&R sailing.  

This is a FUN event!  Yes, we will have a RACING division with all the people with crew that want to do such a thing.  But, We will have Cruising as well!   Designed for friends and family that want to start on time and sail with their jib and main around islands to land back at a finish that is scored on a corrected time.  It's FUN.  And that's our goal for this event!
So, some information before the Notice of Race comes out and the Sailing Instructions are published.   WE are new members of the Caribbean Sailing association.  CSA for short.  This provides us with a Rating system that is recognized in ALL caribbean regattas!  One Rating, All islands, Same Rating!  So, if you are planning to race any other regatta this season in the Caribbean, I encourage you to obtain a CSA rating.   Contact ME or look up the CSA website for a rater near YOU.
FOR those of you NOT inclined to get a rating, and are sailing Cruising, I understand.  We will use the closest rating we can find for YOUR boat in the CSA rating system.  The ultimate Rating will be assigned by Race Committee. So, accept what RC gives you or GET a rating.    No question, no issue.
Much Information is now available on the web site...
There you can do several things:
1) Join the Swan Owners Association
2) Renew Membership
3) Register and Pay for the Caribbean Rally (less $100 if a SOA Member)
4) Fill out Dockage forms for Bitter End Yacht Club dockage (At $1 PER FOOT PER DAY!!!)
5) Download the Sailing Instructions
6) Download the Schedule of events
This years Rally is shaping up to be one of the biggest yet.   We have some GREAT sponsors onboard.   Just to give you an idea...
SPERRY SAILS - With great apologies to one of our FIRST Sponsors, SPERRY SAILS.  They were first to respond to our request for Sponsorship and it was my grave error that dropped them from this list of sponsors.
TICO - a BVI liquor Distributor, is sponsoring a Wine Tasting on our Tuesday Cocktail party, Sponsoring our Rum Bar on Fridays dock party and they are providing each PRE -REGISTERED boat with a DISCOUNT BOATERS CARD for season long purchases.
BERTHON LTD - Is sponsoring the Wednesday Dinner and are providing the FINAL RACE Trophy's for the Saturday round the island Race.  
FORESPAR - Is sponsoring the RACE back to BEYC on Thursday as well as the Beach BBQ.
PANTAENIUS - Is Sponsoring the Final Dinner on Saturday as well as the Best Elapsed Time for the Round the Island Race.
NANNY CAY MARINA - IS Giving away a FREE HAULOUT for the Best boat in Cruiser Division (Subject to draft restrictions..10' max), Also they are giving us Hat's, Acrylic Glasses and croakies for our Swag Bag.
QUANTUM SAILS TORTOLA - Is providing each SWAG bag a Q shirt
ISLAND YACHT MANAGEMENT - Is providing a Wine Cooler bag.
JAMESTOWN BOAT YARD - Sponsoring Monday's Welcome and providing Race Committee, For ALL Racing! 
SWAN OWNERS ASSOCIATION - Providing EACH RACE participant with a VERY Cool RALLY Shirt from HiHo.  
Entries for the Regatta are as follows:
$250 per boat (less $100 if a SOA member)
$200 per person on board.
$100 per child
These prices do NOT include dockage at either BEYC or Scrub Island Marina.   
So C'mon!  SIGN UP....this will be a FUN filled sailing/racing/eating/drinking/friend making event for people that ALL have ONE Thing in Common!   Sailing, racing and fixing SWAN's.
We sincerely hope this will be the kind of casual, relaxed, fun and worthwhile event that YOU, the members want the SOA to produce.   That is our goal.  
So, let us know, Sign up, participate, meet some other members, Meet some of our sponsors, Have a few drinks, Eat some good food, Sail in some warm water with cool breezes....
See you on the water,

Bob & Kristin Beltrano

s.v. Nai'a

Swan 53

Nanny Cay Marina a-15



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