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06/20/2017: 2017 New England Swan Rally Schedule

~~Thursday, JULY 27th

Welcome Reception on CLINGSTONE                                          
6:00 pm – 7:00pm  Registration
6:30 pm – 8:00pm  Cocktails & passed hors d’ouevres

Friday, JULY 28th   

9:00am   Race
6:30 pm  Lobster Bake at Ballards

Saturday, JULY 29th  Race #2 to Newport

9:00 am Race                                               
5:00 pm  Après Race Refreshments @ JBY/Clingstone 

Sunday, JULY 30th Awards at Clingstone

9:00 am Race around the Island
4:00 pm Final Awards & Cocktail BBQ

Email adeline@jby.com for registration form

02/02/2016: Welcome to the 2016 Caribbean Swan Owners rally Notice! 3/14 -19

March 14th - 19th

By Andy Lippman


The plan is to mix intensely insane racing with extremely irresponsible partying to make a week of family fun.   (Actually, it will be more relaxed than that…)   This year, we sail out of Nanny Cay.  It’s a lovely resort with all facilities for shopping, fun, and repairs.  They are very gracious hosts.   Here are some important reminders and things to set up in advance.

The rally begins with registration on Monday evening at Nanny.  Then we sail to Norman’s, Spanish Town, and ultimately back to Nanny on thursday.   Friday is a layday, and Saturday we race around Tortola.  You should call or email the marina and make a reservation for at least Monday, and Thursday through Saturday.

This is a family year.  We are concentrating on making it fun for all ages and all experiences.   Only the race around Tortola will be hard, and we can help arrange crew and positions for the dedicated racers.  Those not racing will have more pool time.

Please register.  Fees are lower thanks to the generous sponsorship of Nautor,  Berthon, JBY, and others. 

Nanny Cay has a hotel that you might find convenient for crew — rooms are air conditioned.  Also, as most of you know, the most cost-effective way to get to Tortola is to fly to St Thomas and take cabs and ferries…  Get in touch with the Marina early!

Thanks Andy!


More information:

Nautor SWAN is sending it's Customer Care Representative to attend our entire EVENT! This is a man you want to get to know!  He want's to meet each of you.  His name is Robert Holm.  Please make contact with him!

The Marina, Nanny Cay, has saved 10 slips for our group.  Four of them have been taken.  You must call or email the marina, marina@nannycay.com, to reserve one.  IF the slips are not taken by the end of FEB...they will be released.

Also, please let us know if you are intending to participate.  We need a head count for the meals.

We hope to see you in the BVI's!


Bob Beltrano

08/04/2015: 2015 SOA New England Rally

Our SOA New England Rally was great Fun and a great success.  We had 12 Swans on the starting line each day, racing with either a Racing or Cruising rating and both classes doing the same course.  The weather was perfect with mostly clear skies,  Temperatures from 28-30C each day and winds from 15-18 kts all three days of racing.
The Event started with a cocktail party/ Skippers Briefing on Clingstone, the house on the rock at the entrance to Newport, with nearly 100 people attending.  This is always a popular venue as Clingstone is an invitation only venue and not many people have actually experienced viewing the nearly 100 year old house.  In attendance on the first night was Robert Holm, Customer Care Director of Nautor Swan.  He was warmly received and had good discussions with many owners.

Friday Morning's start was in light air as the Fleet started off in front of Jamestown Boatyard, Nautor Swan's newest Service Yard, and headed for Block Island, some 23 miles away.  The leg was entirely upwind and was challenged by some strong currents.  After some four hours of sailing,  First and Second Place was decided by 10 Seconds!  The finishing order:

 1- Nai'a - Swan 53
 2- White Rhino - Swan 56
 3- Dragon - Swan 48

Friday night, the fleet was treated to a great Surf and Turf dinner, New England Lobster, Clams and Chicken, at the famous Spring House Restaurant on Block Island.  Our back patio seating area, overlooking the ocean, allowed everyone to watch the full "Blue" moon rise during dinner.

Saturday's race was a little different. The race committee opted to have a Pursuit Race, featuring staggered starts, with the intent of the fleet to arrive together at the finish.  11 boats got across on time, only one boat had to restart.  That last boat that restarted raced very hard and ended up finishing a VERY close Second.  The finish was back in Newport with a pin abeam the Clingstone House.  Every finisher was greeted by a Cannon Shot fired by the RC! Saturdays Results were:
 1- Dragon
 2- White Rhino
 3- Nai'a

 Sunday's final event was the 17 mile race around Conanicut Island.  The Day was forecast to be a little lighter than the other days and combined with strong out going currents it was bound to be a challenging race day.  Winds at the start was only 8-10 kts, but, by 20 min into the first upwind leg...winds increased to a non-forecast 12-15kts.  Those winds held (and increased a bit) for the rest of the race.  The long Downwind leg featured many boats using "local" knowledge to avoid the the greatest current.  Interestingly, those in the know, had diverse ideas about which was the best Strategy.  Some favored one shore over the other, some stayed in the middle, everyone had a different plan. The finish was abeam of the Clingstone house again and was accompanied by the RC and their Cannon fire! Sundays Results were:

 1- White Rhino
 2- Flying Cloud
 3- Affinity

While there were daily awards for each days race.  The fleet was competing for the "Highland Fling Trophy" presented by Nautor Swan for this event. It was awarded to the best "Owner Driver" of the event.  The Final results for 3 days of racing was:

 1- White Rhino
 2- Nai'a
 3- Affinity

Todd Stuart of White Rhino repeated as the winner of the Highland Fling Trophy.  Not an easy feat as he had great challenges and was pushed by several other boats.

 One of the goals of the Swan Rally is to include as many Swans as possible...our format of including both Cruising and Racing ratings as well as racing to at least one different location where we can anchor out includes a little cruising and some good racing.  Judging by the owners comments and enjoyment of the event, we think we reached a nice inclusion of both worlds of Swan owners...Racing and Cruising.

 We plan to continue this concept with the SOA's organization of the Caribbean Swan Rally in March of 2016 in the British Virgin Islands.  Stay Tuned and Thanks for being members of the Swan Owners Association.

Bob Beltrano
Jack Desmond
Vice President
Steve Devoe
Swan Owners Association

02/10/2015: 2015 New England Swan Rally

The Swan Owner's Association 2015 New England Rally will be held on July 30th - August 1st!!

03/07/2014: 2014 Swan Caribbean Program Posted!

The Swan Caribbean Rally will be held this year on Monday, March 17th - Saturday, March 22nd in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. CLICK HERE for additional information.

01/31/2014: Preliminary Sailing Instructions: 2014 Caribbean Rally

2014 Swan Owners Association Swan Caribbean Rally

March 17th to March 22nd, 2014


Preliminary Sailing Instructions


1. RULES.. The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2013-2016

1.2 If there is a conflict between languages the English text will take precedence.



2.1 Scratch sheets will be available at registration and will show the rating for each yacht in both racing and cruising configuration.

2.2 The race committee will broadcast each race day morning on VHF Channel 71 at 0900 hours (Morning Broadcasts) the starting location and approximate finish location for that day’s race. This broadcast will be repeated at 0930 and again before the start of that day’s race.



3.1 Race Days:

            Monday……...March 17th…...No race… Registration

Tuesday….......March 18th… “Around The Dogs”

Wednesday…. March 19th… “Race to Scrub Island”

Thursday..……March 20th… “Race to Bitter End Yacht Club”

Friday………...March 21st ….”Lay Day “  Enjoy!

Saturday……...March 22nd….”Race around Virgin Gorda”

3.1 Number of races: There will be one race per day.


4. CLASSES…. The fleet will race as one fleet; however the configuration (class) will be defined as racing or cruising. The racing class will not have any sail limitation. The cruising class is limited to main, one genoa and a mizzen (if appropriate). The cruising class will not be permitted to fly any sail forward of the main whose luff is not continuously affixed to forestay.


5.  RATINGS…. The rating system used for this regatta will be based on Caribbean Sailing Association (CSA) ratings. If a yacht doesn’t have an “official CSA rating” they can either obtain one or the race committee will endeavor to develop one. A scratch sheet will be emailed to each participant before the opening party on Monday, March 17th and will be redistributed at the party. Ratings assigned by the committee are NOT subject to protest. The fleet will be polled each day as to the configuration they will use for that day’s race. Daily designations of racing or cruising cannot be changed after the warning signal.


6. STARTING AREAS… The approximate location of starting area will be announced during the “Morning Broadcasts.” The Race Committee Signal Boat a 1970 Mathews with white topsides displaying a RC Flag will endeavor to be on station 30 minutes before the start of each race. The exact location of the committee boat will be announced once on station.


7. THE COURSES…. The course will be announced during the “Morning Broadcast”.


8. MARKS….Marks are land masses, government marks, a yellow tetrahedron or a vertical staff attached to floating ball with a Swan flag at the top (the PIN).



8.1 It is anticipated that the warning signal will be at 10:00hrs all racing days except Tuesday, March 18th that day the start will be 11:00hrs. If a postponement is likely the race committee will announce their intentions during the morning broadcast.

8.2 All races will be started in accordance with Racing Rule 26 with a five minute sequence. There is one start for the fleet.

8.3 The starting line will be between a staff displaying a red flag on the signal boat at the starboard end and a nearby yellow tetrahedron or PIN.

8.4 Any yacht OCS (on course side) prior to her starting signal will be hailed by the race committee on VHF channel 71. Failure to make a broadcast or to time it accurately will not be grounds for a request for redress. This changes rule 62.1(a).


9. THE FINISH… The approximate area for the finish line will be announced during the morning broadcasts. The exact area of the finish will be announced on VHF channel 71 once the race committee gets on station.

            9.1 The finish line will be between the race committee boat displaying a red flag and a nearby yellow tetrahedron or PIN.



10.1 For all classes rule 44.1 is changed so that the Two-Turns Penalty is replaced by the One-Turn Penalty.

10.2 Any yacht taking a penalty will notify the race committee on VHF channel 71 that she has taken the penalty as soon as possible after completing her turn.



11.1 Any boat finishing after 1700hrs will be scored “Did Not Finish” without a hearing. This changes rules 35, A4 and A5.



 If a vessel intends to protests another vessel she will notify the race committee on VHF channel 71 as soon as possible after the incident causing the protest. The notification will include their name and the name of the vessel being protested.

12.1 For each boat, the protest time limit is 30 minutes after the their finish..

12.2 The race committee will notify the vessel being protested as soon as that vessel finishes. All protest hearings will be held aboard the race committee signal boat.

12.3 Protest forms are available from the race committee signal boat. Protests and requests for redress or reopening shall be delivered there within the appropriate time limit. Hopefully there will be no protests.

12.4 Decisions of the protest committee will be final as provided in rule 70.5.



13.1 The scoring system will be based on low point scoring as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016. Each yacht will be awarded point(s) equaling her finish position in each race. The yachts total points will be complied at the end of the series.



14.1 A boat that retires from a race shall notify the race committee as soon as possible by hailing on channel 71 or by calling (203) 517-5039.



Official boats will be marked with Race Committee Flags and a Jamestown Boat Yard flag.



Boats shall not put trash in the water.  Trash must be placed on shore in appropriately marked containers.



All VHF transmission will take place on channel 71 for all classes. The race committee will endeavor to be a “friendly” race committee by informing all competitors of their intentions before signaling selected courses, shortened courses, delaying starts, etc.



Prizes will be awarded to competitors placing first through third each day. Our sponsors have been generous to provide the following awards:

            Tuesday……... Race Around the Dogs..sponsored by Tico

            Wednesday…. Race to Scrub Island …sponsored by Berthon

            Thursday…….Race to Bitter End Yacht Club ..sponsored by Forespar


18.1 In Saturday’s race is sponsored by Pantaenius.  The Pantaenius award will be presented to the yacht with the best elapsed time.


18.2The fleet in Saturday’s race will be divided into Racing and Cruising Classes. Berthon will present awards for yacht’s finishing first, second and third in each class. The Bitter End Yacht Club maintains a perpetual trophy for around Virgin Gorda. It will be awarded to the yacht with the best corrected time.




Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta. All participants MUST sign

the “Release of Liability Statement” attached to these sailing instructions.



Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance company with a minimum coverage of $1 million of liability coverage.







                                              APPENDIX “A”


Greetings fellow members and Swan Owners of the world.

Welcome to the first edition of the 2014 Swan Tales, the news, views and opinions of people who like, own and sail on Swans.

We hope all of you survived the holidays and the annual Fall/winter migration to warm places.  I know we are enjoying our winter home in the British Virgin Islands where, for the most part, we can escape the dregs of winter. 

As I write this, I'm looking at a 250 millibar chart showing the northern Jet over North America taking a Dive straight SOUTH from the northern climes of Canada. Checking temperatures...I see Barrow Alaska, at 29F, Thule, Greenland, 19F, the North Pole at 22F and Chicago....at -2F!!!  I'm seeing Gale winds in England, snow in central and Southern Europe forecast for tomorrow!  Whatever you believe in...I've never seen the Polar Jet turn into a Polar Vortex in my lifetime of watching such things.  

Suffice to say, It's a damn cold winter.   I'm SO glad we don't spend our winter in North America
And, I'm so grateful that the Swan Owners Association is running a Rally this March in The Virgin Islands!

That's right!  Our plans are complete.  Entries are filing in.  Slips are being booked, sponsors have lined up and we are ready to roll on our 11 edition of the Caribbean Swan Rally!   

If you missed the earlier announcements or mailings, we are planning our annual Rally (formerly known as a Rendezvous) for March 17-22 at the Bitter End Yacht Club, Virgin Gorda.  It's a six day event with 4 days of FUN racing, 6 days of food and drink and a week of R&R sailing.  
This is a FUN event!  Yes, we will have a RACING division with all the people with crew that want to do such a thing.  But, We will have Cruising as well!   Designed for friends and family that want to start on time and sail with their jib and main around islands to land back at a finish that is scored on a corrected time.  It's FUN.  And that's our goal for this event!
So, some information before the Notice of Race comes out and the Sailing Instructions are published.   WE are new members of the Caribbean Sailing association.  CSA for short.  This provides us with a Rating system that is recognized in ALL caribbean regattas!  One Rating, All islands, Same Rating!  So, if you are planning to race any other regatta this season in the Caribbean, I encourage you to obtain a CSA rating.   Contact ME or look up the CSA website for a rater near YOU.
FOR those of you NOT inclined to get a rating, and are sailing Cruising, I understand.  We will use the closest rating we can find for YOUR boat in the CSA rating system.  The ultimate Rating will be assigned by Race Committee. So, accept what RC gives you or GET a rating.    No question, no issue.
Much Information is now available on the web site...
There you can do several things:
1) Join the Swan Owners Association
2) Renew Membership
3) Register and Pay for the Caribbean Rally (less $100 if a SOA Member)
4) Fill out Dockage forms for Bitter End Yacht Club dockage (At $1.00 PER FOOT PER DAY!!!)
5) Download the Sailing Instructions
6) Download the Schedule of events
This years Rally is shaping up to be one of the biggest yet.   We have some GREAT sponsors onboard.   Just to give you an idea...
SPERRY SAILS - With great apologies to one of our FIRST Sponsors, SPERRY SAILS.  They were first to respond to our request for Sponsorship and it was my grave error that dropped them from this list of sponsors.
TICO - a BVI liquor Distributor, is sponsoring a Wine Tasting on our Tuesday Cocktail party, Sponsoring our Rum Bar on Fridays dock party and they are providing each PRE -REGISTERED boat with a DISCOUNT BOATERS CARD for season long purchases.
BERTHON LTD - Is sponsoring the Wednesday Dinner and are providing the FINAL RACE Trophy's for the Saturday round the island Race.  
FORESPAR - Is sponsoring the RACE back to BEYC on Thursday as well as the Beach BBQ.
PANTAENIUS - Is Sponsoring the Final Dinner on Saturday as well as the Best Elapsed Time for the Round the Island Race.
NANNY CAY MARINA - IS Giving away a FREE HAULOUT for the Best boat in Cruiser Division (Subject to draft restrictions..10' max), Also they are giving us Hat's, Acrylic Glasses and croakies for our Swag Bag.
QUANTUM SAILS TORTOLA - Is providing each SWAG bag a Q shirt
ISLAND YACHT MANAGEMENT - Is providing a Wine Cooler bag.
JAMESTOWN BOAT YARD - Sponsoring Monday's Welcome and providing Race Committee, For ALL Racing! 
SWAN OWNERS ASSOCIATION - Providing EACH RACE participant with a VERY Cool RALLY Shirt from HiHo.  
Entries for the Regatta are as follows:
$250 per boat (less $100 if a SOA member)
$200 per person on board.
$100 per child
These prices do NOT include dockage at either BEYC or Scrub Island Marina.   
So C'mon!  SIGN UP....this will be a FUN filled sailing/racing/eating/drinking/friend making event for people that ALL have ONE Thing in Common!   Sailing, racing and fixing SWAN's.
We sincerely hope this will be the kind of casual, relaxed, fun and worthwhile event that YOU, the members want the SOA to produce.   That is our goal.  
So, let us know, Sign up, participate, meet some other members, Meet some of our sponsors, Have a few drinks, Eat some good food, Sail in some warm water with cool breezes....
See you on the water,

Bob & Kristin Beltrano

s.v. Nai'a

Swan 53

Nanny Cay Marina a-15

11/20/2013: Swan Tales Vol. 2 No. 1

Greetings and welcome to the Fall edition of Swan Tales, the newsletter of the Swan Owners Association. There were a great number of activities and events this past summer. I hope you were all able to take part in one or some of them. It was a great time for sailing in general with the conclusion of an incredible finish to the America's Cup. The SOA was active with its biennial American Regatta held in Newport. Also, we had a change in Board Members.

11/20/2013: 2014 Swan Caribbean Rally

Mark the Dates - March 17-22, 2014 Bitter End Yacht Club, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. We are booked and plans are underway for the 2014 SOA event in the BVI's! This event will be a little bit of racing and a little bit of Rendezvous. We will spend more time in the Bitter End venue than in the past. And, we are planning more activities among the boats...sort of a let's get to know everybody type of event.

08/07/2012: Swan Tales

Newport to Bermuda SOA Dinner




05/22/2012: Newport - Bermuda

The Swan Owners Association of America invites you to the Newport – Bermuda Race Swan Owners & Crew Dinner

04/29/2011: SWAN TALES Vol #4 April 2011

Migration Season Marion Bermuda Race American Swan Regatta 2011: July 27th to July 31st

03/04/2011: SWAN TALES Vol #3 March 2011

BVI Rendezvous 2011 Caribbean Regattas BVI Rendezvous 2012

02/04/2011: SWAN TALES Vol #2 February 2011

Caribbean Regattas SOA Summer Rendezvous Save the dates (July 27th to 31st 2011)

01/04/2011: SWAN TALES Vol #1 January 2011

Vol #1 Jan 2011 Swan Club Caribbean Rendezvous SOA Summer Rendezvous Save the dates (July 27th to 31st 2011) Swan Owners Web Site Hank Schmitt Steve DeVoe David Fraizer E-mail: offshorepassage@sprintmail.com

06/24/2010: SOA- Bermuda Race AWards and Dinner

Newport  Bermuda Race 2010 Swan Owners Dinner The Swan Owners Association Newport-Bermuda Dinner will be held on Thursday, June 24, 2010 at 7:30 pm at the Hamilton Princess Hotels Gazebo Room. A cocktail reception (cash bar) will be held 6:30pm on the lawn area prior to the dinner at the hotel. Special Guests will include the Bermuda Race Committee Chairman and Commodores of the CCA and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.

Swan Board

  • Bob Beltrano
  • Steve De Voe
  • Jack Desmond
  • Adeline Pfaff

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